Friday, August 3, 2012


Assalamualaikum warrahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

Salam Ramadan semua,

Hari ni nak cakap pasal jeans. Memang sah semua orang tau pasal seluar jeans kan? Jeans nie sebenarnya dibuat dari material denim. Sekarang nie memang feymes, semua benda nak buat daripada material nie, tudung ekspress, jubah, baju dan kasut. Sebenarnya nak share tips how to choose your own perfect, comfortable jeans, kot-kot lah nak beli jeans raya. I found it, while blogwalking to a fashion blog :)

It is an entry from LabellaIman.

macam-macam jenis seluar jeans, found it here.

And this is her tips on buying jeans girl! Check it out ! ;D

Tips for buying Jeans:

 Jeans should not be a struggle to button. If the jeans fit your thighs and butt perfectly, but you struggle to button them, you need to go one size up or try a different style.

 The waistband should fall below the belly button, and be stretchy. If the waistband is not stretchy it will cause spill over meaning; muffin top!

 Fabric is everything. If the jeans have no "give" then these are not the jeans for you. Your jeans should not feel like a prison, they should be comfortable enough for you to move in but still fit great.

 Avoid super faded washes and whiskering. The light fades draw attention to trouble areas like the butt and thighs, highlighting them. The Whiskering detail (usually added to the hip and thigh areas) make you appear wider. 

 Tall girls should avoid buying "Regular" and "Average" length jeans. They look too short and unflattering. If you have a problem finding a pair of jeans that aren't too long to wear with flats, Go for the retro 'Peg leg' fit or buy a "Tall" and get them tailored. 

 Short girls should avoid super tight skinny jeans and wide leg jeans with flats! They only make you look shorter and quite stubby. Instead go for straight leg, boot cut, and flare styles. If you still love your skinnies, go for longer skinny jeans that scrunch around the ankle. As for the wide legs, Wear heels or avoid them all together! 

So all, that's for today's tips! :)

Have a great weekends coming soon!

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