Monday, September 12, 2011

A BIG word here.

how do we measure the level of trust? - Picture from Tumblr

“Trust is like a vase.. once it's broken, though you can fix it the vase will never be same again.”

The quote is so true. Will you be able to trust someone fully as before when that person scratch your trust?
Maybe it been done by a broken promise, by a lousy mouth or playing foul.

Trust, after all, is the glue that holds all of us together, family, friends and lovers. That's the thing that keep glued us together although many obstacles come all the way in our life. In trust, everything still safe in place even when we face great challenges and going down. Without it, we might be likely to fight, have misunderstanding and split in times of crisis, have doubts about each other.Ones who trust each other will feel more secure and closer to each other. Besides, if we trust a person fully then why did there is doubt? Are we the one at foul play?

In friendship, TRUST is a big word. When someone said that they trust you, means they are risking their life also relation with you. I am sure that every girls have their own BFFs. And each of them have known about your family, boyfriends, mistakes, experiences or bad days. Some of the also hold your trust on ur dirty little secrets that shouldn't be known to outsider. Now I am talking about how to react when your trust is being destroyed. Well I know you girls, can well built your trust within you family and friends also scandal ,crush and bf :p 
But sometimes girls, if you are lying and yeah bukan sengaja berbohong ada sebab tertentu *konon*, how do you want to earn back your trust from your boyfriend maybe?

Fine, first thing is EXPLAIN. Just explain roughly first then when he is listening. If he doesn't want to listen don't you eva pilih KLCC over him or comolot kat situ okee? The weapon? Tears.
You can get he listen to your explanation by given out your precious tears. Explain it with details on why did you lying to him. Make sure this time there is no lie added. Or yes you going to regret it later.

but in this situation you are wrong ! - Photo from Tumblr

The second step is apologies. This is compulsory. Show that you are really sorry and please this is not just showing! Make sure you are really sorry girls. And you know, from my little experienced using I am WRONG and I am SORRY really works together.  This time your tears is free of charge. You can cry as much as you want as it show you are really guilty because you had LIE. This time don't use tapi, kalau,jika or seantero yang sama maksudnya. Example : 

"I am sorry for what had happen during the party BUT you should go to your sister first and things will not be so bad".

Hell-lo don't blame it on other. It is your mistakes lah.
The best way to apologise is like

" Bee, yayang minta maaf, yayang tak patut tipu bee and keluar pegi  clubbing malam tadi. I promise that I will never do it again. Yayang salah, dan yayang minta maaf, forgive me pleaseeee?

Selepas puas bermadah manja segala dengan suara yang lemah gemalai serta pujuk rayu, air mata pun dah berdarah dia pun dah lemah dan bosan *mungkin* stop. Give him space and time. Promise that you won't lie again and yes it is essential for you to be completely HONEST to him and more importantly to yourself, girl. Trust takes time to be build and it only takes second to destroy. So, beware. Don't you ever commit it again.

Yes, you gain back his trust but it will never be the same. - Tumblr

I can assure you that this will takes time so that the trust slowly build again. Don't expect that he will be trusting you like before.He will be given you a cold shoulder and silent treatment for few days. Lest texts, no calls Skype, YM pun out jugak. Don't be so paranoid. It is the best thing actually. He has been hurt by you so give him all the time needed for him to think. Slowly you can warms him up with your soft gesture. Pandai-pandailah amik hati babe, masak makanan favorite dia ke beli muffin delicious gila di The7th ke or kalau pandai mai gitar apa salahnya dedicated kan satu lagu untuk dia? :)

You need to commit and convince him that you can be trust again. It is much better when you show that you are worth trusting than saying it.Remember girls, action speaks louder than words. 

But then are you worth trusting again this time? 

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