Monday, September 12, 2011

Hi girlssss..!

Good evening peeps.
I am D. Underestimate me and you will find me being so crazy. So bear with me talking hand coz I make mistakes. BUT, no ones perfect here and there that's make us human. My friends really wants you to have me as your friends as they want you to feel what it is like to be with me.
These blog,1001 Perempuan is my collaboration with Ismey and Monolog at first. Now we have awesome writers to maintain this blog. However, I think that we are looking for few writers to join us if I am not mistaken. So if you find that you fit this criteria please submit your wish to the comment box below. :) till then yes. read my post that I have upgraded from my own blog.
this is from girl to girls. (excuse my grammar)
Where did you hide my sister?
The one with strong heart, the one with happiness.
the one who once had smile all over her face,
shine like the sun, gleaming like the moon.
Her presence make the world seems like a better place,
to live in, to love with and to laugh on.

Now the person that I look into is a girl,
That I never see..
Never I meet, never I knew.
Who is this girl?
Full with tears, no longer enjoying herself.
She is
Sobbing..Crying alone to herself.
She had a bad bad day with a bad bad things..
that troubled her till her mind fucked up.
till her heart in chaos.
till her body weaken.
With no one around. 
Nobody cares, nobody's there.

She had try her best,
to be strong, to be true
and to be honest.
She keep finding herself in the journey of finding the right one.
Searching the true love that she always dream.
Few break ups, a lots of fake crushing,
a bunch of flirting.
Only Mr. Left is on her ways.
Now she's given up.
She leave all of it.
Just following the flow.

She's going to shine more than ever.
Laugh happily after this. 
She will and she need to.
This is only a phase. 
Where everyone had their own breakdown.
Had a dark spot in their life but the journey is still long..
Her life have only start.
Many things she have not achieved yet. 
Be strong, coz I know you are one.

Hakuna matata. No worries.
Yes, you will find your prince charming one day.
He is also looking for you somewhere in other part of the Earth
I'm proud. 

Because she had try her best and I know she will continue her best.
As she can move on with her life.
She wakes up from her sober, slowly walking,
trying her best while trying hard to grab the gleaming future.
That is always there for her. 
She just need to reach it.
With effort and yes supports.
No matter what difficulties you are going through, remember Allah is there for you. Tho you are far away, I will be always supporting you.- to broken hearted girls. *hugs*

Hard to be me,
Miss D

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