Sunday, May 22, 2011

Annoying Ex Of Yours


Ini entri ringkas menjelaskan kejengkelan bekas kekasih mahupun sahabat.Entry ini ringkas dan berbahasa inggeris.

There are several things that annoyed lot after break up :

1) Your stupid ex will spread the bad story about you to others, to make it worst,to your current BF

2) When your ex cuddling you and begging you to come back to you.

3)Your ex will get annoyed if you are happy with other people.

4)Your ex do stalk you and pretend they don’t

5) Your ex find another guy/girl/friends that is way better than you in order to make you jealous. or distracted

6)Your ex pretend like they never meet you and totally forget about you both memories.

7) Your ex wanna be your friend, in fact you didn’t break up in a good way.

8) Asking you to stop contacting them and disturbing his/her new relationship,in fact you don’t!

Adakah kalian bersikap demikian terhadap sesiapa di sekeliling anda? Hentikan kerana ianya jengkel.Sungguh!

Yang berlalu tak akan berulang.Pandang hadapan, dan teruskan hidup dengan senyuman :)

Memberi air kepada tanaman umpama memberi nafas baru dalam kehidupan.Hargainya selagi termampu –AR-


Anisa Hang Tuah said...

and im broken to be given.
ex or new guy
that's too stop my hope.
and of course im too hopeless to hope.

♛ AR the annoying said...

@Anisa Hang Tuah
then it's okay, go and achieved other goal, be tough and ignore others :)

D. Danish said...

hurm, the hurt is too much too bear :\

gabanMorka said...

jangan gilakan aku

♛ AR the annoying said...

@Danish : every single thing have a solution, Allah tak uji dgn ujian yg kita x tertanggung.

@gabanmorka : Perasannya awk ni?

Raihana Izzati said...


malas nak pikir lagi-.-

eszol raar said...

lepas ni aku siram pokok

2,4 dan 5

cath said...

1,3,4,5,7 hahaha~

skng aku bela money plant kt dining table. kikiki~

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