Saturday, May 21, 2011

build confident

Salam 1001perempuan.

Since we are talking about girls. So, I would like to ask you girls about something. What so good of being a girl?

Me? I would say, I love it because I can be a dreamer. And I’m proudly saying this to all. Girls and dreaming, isn’t it sounds synonym? I love to be a girl, though I wasn’t before. and as far as I remember, I tend to like myself being a girl when I can accept my weaknesses as my strength. Though I thought, being a dreamer is a loser. It was my greatest weakness because most of my friends and family laugh at me. And that was before.

C'mon girls, be open. Have you ever shown the weaknesses of your body to your friends? Or at least a friend? The fat, the spare tyres, the scars, the acnes, the weirdness, or anything that you found it ugly to you, or perhaps, the weaknesses in your personality, or, a little dark secret that you ever hiding it beneath your heart. If not, you should have to. Share them, accept them, and love them! And you'll find that you gain some confident in yourself. And what will you girls get if you can gain your confident?

A beauty!

Yes, you'll sucked your charm out from your body by gaining some confident. It doesn’t matter how people laugh at you. Because you are already accept it as part of yourself. The you.

Worry if your weaknesses will leak out? Naaah~there shouldn’t be a problem anymore when you can tell them once. Because, it is no longer your greatest weakness. You will then smile, and happy, because it won’t haunted you again.

So girls, be honest to yourself. Because someone will definitely see, the beauty in your sincerity. The confident will help you glow your beauty.

Hey I’m aan, as I’m being introduced earlier. But call me serenity, because that is my name in blogsphere, at least for now. cz I’m using different name in sarkasis. haha. I’m a new writer, do welcome me girls. I will never use fact in my writing, cz I’m sucks in it! But I will use sense! As I know I have a great sense. And yes, you can hit me! cz you girls have your own sense which I presume it is greater than mine. Whatever your sense tells you, make sure your rationale controls you.

Ok girl? What say you? What so good of being a girl? Being a dreamer? Confident? and beauty? Any girl to be here? huehuehue

Owh. I’m sucks in English, but I couldn’t find a right word in Malay. Big apology. And, hell I care if there's a police language here. I'm just being me. right?


- elina - said...

i have the confident .

but it seem like never been enough .


- elina - said...

btw ,

hai !


Raihana Izzati said...

I dont have to tell my ugly parts. Diorang nampak sendiri-.-

I used to be SANGAT benci jadi girl. Kufur nikmat.dosa besar.

What so good of being a girl?
I dont know.

Raihana Izzati said...


Aku emo so comment aku macam celaka-.-

eszol raar said...

dari dulu aku tahu kau a dreamer sbb kau berkata kata seperti mereka yg penah kecewa ribuan kali dan amat mahir dlm menerajuinya

dan aku tidak pelik

to girls,im a dreamer too

so lets dream together gether

all in all,i agree with all paragraph

n yes,im licking ur ass now

D. Danish said...

Serenity : I am so sorry mentioning ur name T_______T

bdw being girl is hard nowadays.

ismey said...

kadang-kadang rasa nak buat plastic surgery.

bukan kat anu tapi kat hati.

cath said...

hai aan, eh serenity :p~

im a dreamer too. n yes, write with your heart. with your sense.

serenity said...

@- elina -
hi~hoho. confident boleh di develop. no worries

@Raihana Izzati
kau memang emo memanjang. lulz

@eszol raar
wet dream. haha

@D. Danish
kahkahakh. nothing to be worried la.

kenapa dengan hati kau ismey?

hello rina~heee

ismey said...

hati lemau dan rapuh sgt. pantang kena smash sikit, berderai. bukan senang pulak nak kutip cantum balik. haish.

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