Saturday, May 21, 2011

the ugly truth

I always have this in my mind; most girls are controlled by the moon. Means, they are overly sensitive. But, in certain cases, girls are rather cool than guys. Guys are emo and expressing their emo with rages. Is it good to rage? I just feel tired just looking at people bullshitting one and another. Physically exhaustion is nothing to compare to mentally exhaustion plus heart distortion by watching guys argue. 

Thing that makes them look more cool is, they dont talk much as girls do. But I dont talk much either. And I know how cool I am, in my scale of cool methink. Others might think that differently. Yes, maybe. But we cant really read what kind of hurricane that controlling their mind when they were being raged arent we? 

So i wonder, girls emo vs guys emo. which one uglier? 


serenity said...

entry pantas utk check rss gravity work atau x. sorry girls. potong Q up entry

eszol raar said...

mencik serenity!

dlm kurang 12 jam dah uop 2 entry

bagus jugak tkde fesbuk kan

begitu aktif di blog

serenity said...

@eszol raar
lucifer paksa aku up. dia nak tgk rss gravity. huhu. dem sungguh. 8 jam lagi baru boleh on fb. menggeletar lutut dah ni

HEROICzero said...

LUNA itu mampu mempengaruhi emosi. woo!

well, guys punya emo, buruk untuk jangka masa pendek.

babe punya emo, pendam. no worries utk jangka masa pendek. tp bisa hancur, untuk jangka masa panjang.

bom jangka.

catherine- said...

komen heroiczero kemainnn~

eh~ aku emo tahu! n ya! aku adalah bom jangka! hahaha~ tapi,aku lembut bak bayu. sila jangan terpengaruh.


serenity said...

ya~LUNA memang pengawal emosi! yang lembut bak bayu, yang hodoh berjangka panjang~semua LUNA bantai!

D. Danish said...

girl lah. sikit sikit emo. nyampah. and then suddenly boleh meletop. mencikkk ai.

gabanMorka said...

girls. definitely.

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